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The Velvetyne Type Foundry (VTF), founded by Frank Adebiaye, is based in France, delivering experimental free-of-charge fonts licensed under SIL OFL or Creative Commons since 2010.

Future Fonts is a platform for experimental, high-quality fonts in progress. They feature emerging type designers, and well-established foundries worldwide. You get access to the latest designs at a fraction of their final price, with free updates as they grow, and type designers control the way their fonts are developed and licensed.

Open Foundry is a FREE platform for curated open-source typefaces; to highlight their beauty, activate ideas and encourage exploration.

Collletttivo designs and distributes free Open-Source typefaces. Follow their Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. Write them an email or read our diary to get confidential. You might want to donate to the cause eventually.

Fontshare is a free fonts service launched by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF). It’s a growing collection of professional grade fonts that are 100% free for personal and commercial use. Their mission is to make high-quality and technically sound fonts accessible to everyone.

Hoodzpah is a collaborative branding and type studio based out of Southern California. They create to delight the disenchanted, defy the ordinary, and decipher the woods from the trees. Their unique style and Swiss-army-skillset have led to exciting collaborations with brands and companies known and unknown, large and small.

Grown from the studio of lettering artist and designer Erik Marinovich, Nuform is a type design practice that looks to the culturally offbeat and peculiar oddities to inspire and inform the creation of expressive letterforms.

This is a type foundry for creatives of color who feel that they don’t have a say in their industry. This is for creative women who feel that they don’t have a say in their industry. This is for the creative that is tired of being “inspired” by the same designs over and over again.

Vocal is for the creative that cares about telling the stories of the people we serve and not the false history of the industry we work in. Vocal is for the creative that wants to build a community—not a following.


File Name




"Uh Oh!" Poster

8" x 10"


"Aftersun" Poster

8" x 10"



Enter the Day-Glo world of The Peculiar Manicule and explore an awe-inspiring archive of 1960s and 70s graphic design. Witness mind-blowing displays of ink on paper by designers and illustrators, both known and unknown, in four main galleries, Books & Magazines, Ephemera, Typography and Paper Playthings. Learn more about manicules and other peculiarities here. is an independent, private, non-commercial and ad-free website for people interested in fruitstickers.

An independent archive of typography.

Identifont was launched in November 2000 to provide designers with a tool to help them identify fonts or select the best fonts for their projects. Since then it has grown to become the largest independent directory of digital fonts on the Internet, with a number of unique tools for locating fonts for particular applications.

Stunning images from Carol M. Highsmith's monumental Library of Congress Collection. For 38 years Carol has travelled America capturing beautiful moments in time, preserving them for future generations. By donating these images to the Library of Congress she has generously made these images available to the public domain for everyone to enjoy. You can view the entire archive at the Library of Congress.

CARI, or Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute, is an online community dedicated to developing a visual lexicon of consumer ephemera from the 1970s until now.

A compilation of flickr galleries filled with thousands of scanned design objects, curated by Emma Bers (@bersletters on instagram).

An independent archive of typography.

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